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Tall trees in the sunlight with a natural path through them.

Benefits Of Buying Land Over Purchasing Stocks

By Mark Mullin / July 2, 2019

Many people purchase land as an investment. Depending on the type of investor you are, and your risk preferences, you may find that buying land in Texas (or elsewhere) best suits your investing style as well as your overall approach to new ventures in life. Buying Land Or Buying Stock? There’s no set rule that…

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Buy Land In Texas And Enjoy The Wildlife!

By Mark Mullin / June 17, 2019

Much of East Texas encompasses a region known as the Piney Woods, where you’ll find an abundance of wildlife living in the gently rolling terrain. The pine trees and hardwoods provide food and shelter for these animals, and thanks to a healthy amount of rainfall year-round, drinking water is plentiful. In the southern portion of…

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Buying Land In East Texas: What Natural Features Do You Want?

By Mark Mullin / April 17, 2019

East Texas has beautiful, expansive stretches of land boasting a number of natural features. Which ones do you want on your tract of land? Thinking things through and reaching a decision early in the process can help you narrow down options when buying land in Texas. Trees, Creeks, Knolls, And More! You can buy a…

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How to Find and Buy Land in Texas

By Mark Mullin / January 30, 2019

Among other things, the Great State of Texas is known for its wide, open spaces and lovely rural land that industrious people can use for their benefit and enjoyment. Some of you may be asking, “How do I go about finding and buying land in Texas?” Read on for some answers! Partner With Sellers Who…

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Should You Buy Land in Texas and Just Hold On To It?

By Mark Mullin / January 15, 2019

In our experience, buying land in East Texas can be a good investment, but of course, there are many factors that can affect the outcome. First of all, how long do you intend to hold on to your land? This type of investment isn’t like playing the stock market, where sometimes (but not always) a…

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Understanding Acreage

By Mark Mullin / November 9, 2018

If you had the advantage of growing up on rural land, you probably have a feel for the actual size of an acre. However, if you’re like many people who are eager to buy their own piece of land, you may not have had the chance to experience what a rural acre feels like. As…

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Creative Ways to Afford Owner Financed Land

By Mark Mullin / September 17, 2018

Every generation navigates a unique set of challenges, and one of the biggest challenges Americans face today is their financial situations. The cost of living, along with debt, can make owning property a distant dream. If you want property of your own but the idea of purchasing it seems completely ludicrous, you aren’t alone. Many…

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Buying Land in Texas? Here’s What You Need to Know About the Lone Star State

By Mark Mullin / August 8, 2018

Most people hear “Texas” and think of longhorns, trucks, cowboy hats, and endless amounts of open space. That open space is part of what brings people to Texas Acres, the premier source for owner financed land in the Lone Star State. Our tracts of rural land are spacious, beautiful, and ready to accommodate your vision…

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Essential Property Restriction Questions Answered

By Mark Mullin / June 27, 2018

Some people are taken aback when they realize land may come with restrictions. It’s just land, right? And if you’ve bought it, it’s yours to do with whatever you want, right? At Texas Acres, we agree with you. It’s your land and your dream. We often place a minimal set of restrictions on our properties…

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Buying Land in Texas: How Many Acres Do You Need?

By Mark Mullin / January 2, 2018

When you are looking to buy land in Texas, you are making a great choice. Not only is Texas a great state to buy land, you also have a favorable climate (as long as you can weather the heat) that lends itself to getting the best use out of your land. You may have a…

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