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Whether you are looking for a small ranch, hunting land, investment property, or a forever home site, Texas Acres offers the best land for sale in Texas. Our seller-financed land makes it easy and quick for you to own your own piece of land. Our team is passionate about helping you buy recreational land for your use. Contact our land company to get started today.


  • Save money since no brokers or realtors have to be involved
  • We can close much faster than traditional land or property loans
  • No title company has to be involved, further saving you money
  • We will walk you through the entire process
  • We can help you navigate installing water and electricity on your property
  • Down payment and terms of loan are often negotiable
  • Owning land is the dream of many Texans
  • And more!

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The ability to purchase land is a dream for many Americans. It grants you the freedom of many benefits not offered in the city. For many, owning a home begins with purchasing the land to build a home on. Imagine waking up on your own property. No neighbors close by, no HOA to deal with. Just you and your land.

Many of those interested in buying land in Texas are looking for second pieces of property. These buyers are looking for hunting land, ranching land, farming land, or land to build a second home. Texas Acres offers owner-financed land, which gives you the opportunity to use the land how you see fit. Below, we’ll take a brief look at our land-buying process. Contact our land company today!

1. View Our Texas Properties

Many people begin the land-buying process by viewing our acreages for sale in Texas online. All of our properties are listed there, along with a map to their location and a survey of the tracts themselves. This will give you a good idea of how the property is laid out. On our website, we also have photos of the properties and a description, so you can learn more about what the property looks like and contains.

After visiting our website, you can give us a call or fill out our contact form. From there, we can set up a showing of our acreage for sale in Texas with you. We show all of the properties ourselves, by-passing realtors, which saves you money in the long run. (However, you are free to work with a realtor, if you prefer.) We are more than happy to show you the entire property.

2. Sign a Contract

If you decide you are interested in buying land in Texas, we will prepare your contract and have it ready for you to sign. If you decide to use our seller financing, we’ll have you fill out a one-page application. We do not pull your credit; our process is simpler. We verify your income and ability to make the monthly payments, making your qualifying process simpler and at no cost to you. This is another advantage of buying seller-financed land in Texas.

3. Closing

Since you are investing in our owner-financed land in Texas, unlike a traditional bank, we charge you no closing costs. At closing, you simply make your down payment.

4. Handing You the Reigns

Once the loan closing is complete, we’ll shake hands, and the land is yours. For many, this is a dream come true. You can begin to make plans to build a home on your rural land or set up stands in preparation for hunting season. The sky is the limit when it comes to our recreational land use. Our partnership, however, doesn’t end. Our experienced team will help you every step of the way. We offer easy payment options online as well.

Buying land in Texas is pretty straightforward when you choose seller financing. The process is simple, cutting through a lot of the red tape, and there aren’t as many hands in the pot taking their cut off the deal. This means with us, you’ll have the satisfaction of lower closing costs and owning land.

Texas Acres is proud to be able to help people own a little slice of heaven by buying land in the great state of Texas. We offer many different-sized tracts of land, locations, and terrain. This allows us to offer property for sale in Texas that will suit most people’s tastes. Many of our clients have looked to buy acreage in Texas as:

  • Remote living property: Property for building a residence or vacation home. While there are many difficulties in building on undeveloped land, it is immensely rewarding once completed.
  • Agricultural property: Property to raise cattle, grow crops, harvest timber, and conserve wildlife. Some Texas residents can even get an agricultural exemption on their property taxes, depending on what they raise.
  • Investment property: Property purchased on the speculation of future value, such as finding minerals. Many areas of Texas hold valuable resources, and you may end up holding lucrative mineral rights by purchasing land in Texas.
  • Hunting or other recreational property: Whether for yourself or to rent out for others, you can rent land on a rural property as a great way to share the enjoyment of hunting, fishing, camping, and other outdoor recreations.

From farms and cattle to hunting and recreation, our seller-financed land for sale offers something for everyone. We provide many pieces of raw land for you to choose from, and through the simplicity of seller financing, the biggest decisions you’ll have to make are the kind of land you want and the way you’ll want to use it. To find land that suits the type of property you’re looking for, here are some aspects you should consider:

Utilities & Water

These aspects matter heavily, no matter where you want to buy land in Texas. Having access to water is vital even if you want to turn your land into a remote hunting and camping area. More than that, if you want to build a home on your property, you’ll need one that has utility and water lines that you can connect to. Ensure you know whether these are included in the land purchase before you begin the buying process.

Terrain & Wildlife

The physical features and habitats of the land you are looking to purchase are a big deal, too. They affect where you can build, grow crops, or graze livestock. So, really think about the kind of land you want to have. Are you into forests or rolling flatlands? Would you prefer a property near a lake or waterfront? Also, if you’re looking for recreational land, it’s essential to know the kinds of wildlife that appear on a property, like deer, hogs, coyotes, etc. In every case, Texas Acres will help with a flexible seller-financed land loan to ensure you get the land you want.

Regulations & Zoning Laws

If you want to buy land in Texas, you should know that properties are often restricted according to state regulations and zoning laws. Learn what they are before you purchase the land and see if they fit your expectations. In some cases, a property will require insurance due to risks such as being located in flood plains or wildfire areas. Texas Acres has numerous properties, and we can certainly find one that fits your wants and needs.

Local Community

One of the most important things about a property is the kind of community that surrounds it. Those who prefer a good fishing and boating community may look for Texas land near the Gulf. If you’re looking to move with your family, you’ll also have to consider where the nearest schools are. More than that, it’s a good idea to explore the town near a property you’re looking at and get to know your local neighbors.

Most of our Texas land for sale are larger tracts of land that have been divided, so our tracts have never been previously available. This affords you a unique opportunity to own raw land in Texas that not many others have before.

Texas Acres is available to answer your questions about our properties. We can also explain how to buy land in Texas in more depth if you’d like. However, you’ll fall in love once you see our beautiful properties for sale in Texas. Contact us to get started today!

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FAQs For Buying Land in Texas


What do you need to buy land in Texas?

You’ll need to be prepared for several essentials before becoming a land buyer in Texas. First and foremost, you’ll need to either have the purchase price in cash or secure financing options for the property. You should then find a land agent that assists buyers in finding a property that fits their needs.

With their help, you can find a piece of rural land that fits your tastes and make an offer on it. With Texas Acres, this is greatly simplified as we show you properties that we own and hope to sell to you. Whether it’s with us or a real estate agent, the next step is to prepare and sign a contract.

After that, you may need to perform property inspections and surveys of the property. Throughout this process, you may also need to work with a title company to get title insurance, which protects you and lenders in case of problems with the title of your desired property.

Once every box is ticked in your “buying land in Texas” checklist, it’s time to begin the closing process. This is when you and the seller sign a number of closing documents that, once completed, will result in you owning land in Texas.

Is buying land in Texas a good investment?

While there are no certainties when it comes to investments, it is well understood that land is one of the few assets that appreciate in value over time. In fact, the price of rural land in Texas has shown steady increases over time. That being said, if you want to get the most out of buying land in Texas, think of the ways you can use it.

If there’s a great deal of wooded area on your property, you can sell it for timber. You can potentially enjoy agricultural tax exemptions and profit from crop or livestock production. You can even lease part of the land out for others to enjoy hunting, camping, or other recreational activities while on your land. Texas Acres will help you find a beautiful piece of Texas land that will be worth your investment.

How much does 1 acre of land cost in Texas?

As of Q4 of 2023, the average cost per acre of land in Texas is $4,670. Knowing the cost of a single acre is an important thing you’ll need to know as you figure out how to buy land in Texas. With it, you can measure the cost of a property you’re looking at versus the overall average cost of rural land in Texas, giving you a sense of how fair a deal you are getting.

How much do you have to put down on land in Texas?

Depending on your lender, land loans for Texas properties will often require a 20% downpayment on the total price of the land. If you work with Texas Acres and purchase the land through our seller-financing option, we can work with you to find a manageable down payment.

Should I work with experts or learn how to buy land in Texas myself?

We support you in doing your due diligence and learning how the land-buying process works yourself, but we also know how difficult and complex it can be. That’s why our representatives make themselves fully available to you whenever you check out one of our properties. We believe individuals and families should also enjoy browsing and finding their new homes, so don’t be afraid to rely on experts who have a strong track record in helping others purchase their stretch own stretch of Texas land. Reach out to Texas Acres today and learn how we can help you.