Buy Land In Texas And Enjoy The Wildlife!

Much of East Texas encompasses a region known as the Piney Woods, where you’ll find an abundance of wildlife living in the gently rolling terrain. The pine trees and hardwoods provide food and shelter for these animals, and thanks to a healthy amount of rainfall year-round, drinking water is plentiful.

In the southern portion of East Texas, the area consists of gulf prairies and oak parklands, among other ecoregions, serving as home to a different population of animals.

The Wildlife In East Texas

In this blog, we will focus on the wildlife that’s present in East Texas. Whether you enjoy birdwatching or simply the thrill of spotting a beautiful animal passing through your property, read on to learn more about what you may see.

The Threatened And Endangered Species

  • Spotting any of these animals is especially thrilling, not only for the experience itself, but also because it means that there may still be hope for a comeback for the threatened and endangered species in our area. Some of the rare animals (federal- and/or state-listed threatened or endangered species) in our state include the whooping crane, black bear, Texas horned lizard, golden-cheeked warbler, and red wolf (most of which are now hybrids with other canine species).

Some Of The Fur-Bearing Species

  • In addition to wolves and bears, what other fur-bearing animals might you see? Some of the most common are raccoons, possums, deer, coyotes, beavers, river otters, and gray foxes. In addition, don’t be surprised if you see feral hogs! These are a mix of different types of hogs that have broken free from ranches over the past several hundred years and have learned to live off the land.

Wild Birds In The Region

  • There is an abundance of wild birds in East Texas, so you’ll want to bring a pair of binoculars with you whenever you visit your just-purchased land. Some of the species you may see include ones you may already recognize, such as the cardinal, blue jay, goldfinch, robin, and great blue heron. You may need a visual guide for help with identifying other species, though, such as the eastern phoebe, indigo bunting, Carolina chickadee, dark-eyed junco, pine siskin, cedar waxwing, or summer tanager.       

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To Learn More

Now that we’ve shared with you a little about the wildlife you may spot in East Texas, you may be ready to learn more. Here are a few resources you can check for more information about the animals here:

And when you’re ready to buy land in Texas, get in touch with Texas Acres. We specialize in selling properties in the region, something we’ve been doing since 2004. Many of our clients appreciate the owner financing that we offer. If you have any questions about the area or the process of buying land in Texas, get in touch with us today!