Creative Ways to Afford Owner Financed Land

Every generation navigates a unique set of challenges, and one of the biggest challenges Americans face today is their financial situations. The cost of living, along with debt, can make owning property a distant dream. If you want property of your own but the idea of purchasing it seems completely ludicrous, you aren’t alone. Many people don’t have the flexibility to change jobs, and their current paychecks are consumed by the high cost of living. However, this doesn’t change the fact that land ownership is a great advantage well worth pursuing. The key is getting creative!

At Texas Acres, we have a deep understanding of the benefits of land. We also understand that life can be chaotic, crazy, and full of unexpected ups and downs that make getting a mortgage inconvenient or impossible. When you buy our owner financed land, you don’t need to get a mortgage from the bank and a whole new horizon opens up to you. That being said, you’ll still need a down payment, but it is typically much less than most banks require. Here are some ways you can get financially creative.

Have You Considered These Methods for Saving Money?

Automate your savings.

For some of us, it’s better to have part of our paycheck go straight into savings. That way, you don’t run the risk of spending the month’s savings before they can be squirreled away. You can set up automatic deposits or transfers with your bank that make sure you pay yourself before you address the rest of your costs. That way, you can focus on working instead of hoping you have enough self control to keep saving each month.

Wait 30 days before buying something.

For many of us, there are things we wanted last month that we don’t even think about now. To avoid impulse buying that can punch holes in your goals, wait 30 days before purchasing items. You will probably find that your need for it has either diminished or disappeared.

Share your goals with someone.

There’s one thing that works whether you’re trying to get fit or end a bad habit: accountability. It’s just human nature, but a lot of us care more about letting others down than letting ourselves down. Find someone who can help you stay on track, and you’ll find yourself making progress faster than you thought was possible.

Shop in the off-season.

This can feel non-intuitive and it takes some planning ahead, but buying coats in summer and sandals in fall can save you a lot of money. Things tend to be their most expensive when people need them the most and go on sale when people aren’t looking for them anymore. Snatch them up when there’s almost no demand, and you’ll get what you need for the best prices.

Turn to Texas Acres for Owner Financed Land

Bank loans come with steep requirements that block many hardworking people out. Instead of paying a bank, buy land in Texas with Texas Acres and make payments directly to us. You’ll own the land just like you would with a traditional mortgage, but you’ll have the option of smaller down payments and lower credit score requirements. Enjoy fewer fees, easier processing, and personalized service with Texas Acres today!