Person holding a globe of the world while looking at rural land.

Benefits Of Owning Rural Property During Times Of Global Crises

By Mark Mullin / April 2, 2020

When going through unprecedented times, many people go back to basics for comfort and security. Whether for financial security, mental health care, or emotional stability, people turn to simpler, less complicated avenues to help them get through the tough times. In terms of financial investments, rural real estate offers a way to invest money into…

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Rural property in East Texas, with flowers in the foreground and trees in the background.

A Look At East Texas And The Land-buying Opportunities Here

By Mark Mullin / January 17, 2020

Why do so many people find it attractive to buy land for sale in East Texas? To properly address this question, we’ll first cover some of the best things about East Texas, and then we’ll go over land-buying opportunities.   What’s So Great About East Texas? This region offers a great deal that’s attractive to those…

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Green field with overhanging branches up close and a golden sunset in the distance.

Questions To Ask About Owner Financed Land

By Mark Mullin / January 6, 2020

East Texas offers beautiful land that you can call your own. Whether you want to buy a small area for yourself, or you want to invest in a significant stretch of land, you may want to bypass the bank. If this is the case, seller financing may be an option for you to explore. In…

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Multi-colored carrots that can be grown on East Texas land.

What To Grow On Your Land In East Texas In Winter

By Mark Mullin / December 18, 2019

In a previous blog, we wrote about five great crops you can grow on your rural property here in East Texas. We covered herbs, melons, leafy greens, root crops, and exotic produce, including Purple Viking potatoes and Jade Pagoda cabbage.  In another previously written blog about achieving your dream of running a small farm on…

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A dirt road through a large field with trees in the distance and a gray sky.

How To Locate Tracts Of Land With Seclusion From Neighbors

By Mark Mullin / October 16, 2019

One of the great things about buying land for sale in East Texas is that much of it is rural, which gives buyers a wide range of options when it comes to uses for this land. If you’re someone who values privacy and you are looking for tracts of land that will give you a…

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Green field with some trees and a bright blue sky with a few clouds.

Why Land Is Still A Great Investment After All These Years

By Mark Mullin / October 2, 2019

Land has traditionally been a good investment and a great way to diversify your financial portfolio. Is this still the case today? Absolutely! Learn several reasons that land is still a great investment after all these years.  Good Land In Texas Is Plentiful As a tangible resource, land is not subject to the same extreme…

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Man looking across his rural property in East Texas.

How To Invest In Rural Properties Wisely

By Mark Mullin / September 18, 2019

When you invest in land, you need to do so wisely. After all, it is an investment. It’s not as if you’re buying a shirt online that you can return if it doesn’t fit or if you don’t like the material. Land is a good investment, but it’s a big one, and you’ll want to…

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Horses eating grass on rural property in East Texas.

What Types Of Ranch Properties Are Available In East Texas?

By Mark Mullin / September 5, 2019

Ranch properties in East Texas can bring you the space you need for your ranching activities. What your animals need is space in which to roam and find tasty grasses and flowers to eat! They’ll appreciate trees for shade and protection from the hot sun, and they’ll enjoy wide, open spaces in which to roam…

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Man holding potatoes harvested from a field behind him.

Make Your Dream Of Running A Small Farm Come True

By Mark Mullin / August 1, 2019

Rural land for sale is attractive to many investors, but it’s also on the radar for individuals who dream of running a small farm. If you have a deep desire to run your own small farm, East Texas is a great region to explore. Buying Rural Property Not every U.S. region has great rural real…

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Call to action about buying land in East Texas.

What Are The Primary Advantages Of Buying Owner-financed Land?

By Mark Mullin / May 16, 2019

Are you considering purchasing land in East Texas? Congratulations! We believe this is a good investment. If this is your first time buying land, you may find yourself running into a few obstacles. One way to overcome financial hurdles associated with purchasing land is to opt for buying owner financed land. When Owner Financing For…

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