A Look At East Texas And The Land-buying Opportunities Here

Why do so many people find it attractive to buy land for sale in East Texas?

To properly address this question, we’ll first cover some of the best things about East Texas, and then we’ll go over land-buying opportunities.  

What’s So Great About East Texas?

This region offers a great deal that’s attractive to those who live here and to anyone who wants to invest in East Texas land. Here’s a partial list of what makes East Texas great:

  • Milder winter temperatures than northern states
  • Milder summer temperatures than the humid Southeast or the hot and dry Southwest
  • Enough rain to keep the area green 
  • Fertile soil that’s great for growing a variety of produce
  • A healthy number of trees
  • Lack of crowds
  • An abundance of nature
  • Great people known for helping one another

If these points sound attractive to you, then you may want to explore the region more and see what land-purchasing opportunities you can find here.  

The Land That’s Available 

  • You’ll find a great deal of variety in the type and size of land available in East Texas. Rural property that’s for sale here can be flat and grassy, ready for you to farm or for your sheep, cows, or horses to graze. Or it can have clusters of trees, varying elevations, and a creek running through, making it ideal for nature viewing and hiking. There really is something for every land investor here! 

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Prices Are Good

  • While many parts of the countries, particularly coastal communities, have high price tags connected to land that’s for sale, here in East Texas your dollar stretches. You can purchase acres for sale in the eastern regions of Texas for a much more modest price than in comparable areas in many other parts of the country. 

Seller Financing As An Option

  • If a bank won’t give you a loan, it’s typically not a problem in East Texas; you can still purchase rural property for sale by turning to the seller financing option. This lets you bypass the bank while still getting the financing you need to make your purchase. 

Contact Texas Acres To Learn More

If you would like to explore Texas as a possibility for your land investments, contact Texas Acres today. We are extremely familiar with what’s available here, since we have been buying, improving, subdividing, and selling land in Texas since 2004. We offer seller financing options for your convenience. Give us a call to talk with one of our knowledgeable, friendly staff members. We’re here to help you locate your piece of Texas. Contact Texas Acres today!