How To Locate Tracts Of Land With Seclusion From Neighbors

One of the great things about buying land for sale in East Texas is that much of it is rural, which gives buyers a wide range of options when it comes to uses for this land.

If you’re someone who values privacy and you are looking for tracts of land that will give you a measure of seclusion from your neighbors, including both now and in the future when the surrounding regions may become more developed, we would like to offer you a few pointers.

Study The Lay Of The Land

How do the features of the land for sale in East Texas that you are considering purchasing present themselves?

Take a look at the slope of the land, the location of trees present, and any other features that might serve as natural barriers between your property and the surrounding ones.   

Creeks, Lakes, And Other Water Features

  • Is there a creek or stream at the edge of the property? If so, trees will typically grow here, giving you a natural fence between your land and your neighbors’, and offering you the privacy you want. Even if this water feature is not at one of the edges of your property, its presence somewhere on your land can encourage tree growth and offer seclusion.

Blue flowers in a field with a golden sunrise.

Consider Planting Trees

  • If you are interested in buying land that has very few trees present, consider planting some. It will take a while for them to grow, but it could also take a while before any neighbors move in or any developments spring up around you, and by then, these young trees will have grown tall enough to give you privacy.

Grow Tall Crops

  • If you are interested in farming your land, you can certainly grow a wide variety of crops, everything from potatoes and carrots to pumpkins and melons. In addition, you may be able to grow tall crops, like corn or wheat, to create a natural barrier between you and your surroundings.

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