In Uncertain Times, Some Investors Turn To Land For Sale

A lone tree in a field at sunrise.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or someone looking for a safer, better place in which to invest your money, consider land for sale. While other markets can drop unexpectedly or fluctuate wildly, land tends to offer the opportunity for a more stable investment. The Beauty Of Buying Land There are numerous advantages to purchasing land.…

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Benefits Of Owning Rural Property During Times Of Global Crises

Person holding a globe of the world while looking at rural land.

When going through unprecedented times, many people go back to basics for comfort and security. Whether for financial security, mental health care, or emotional stability, people turn to simpler, less complicated avenues to help them get through the tough times. In terms of financial investments, rural real estate offers a way to invest money into…

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If You Want To Develop Your Rural Property

A long-horn bull grazing in a green field with trees in the background.

Beautiful rural properties are available in East Texas. You may decide to purchase rural land for sale and leave it in its natural state. But what if you want to develop on your rural property? Read on for some important considerations.  You Must Consider Zoning And Restrictions Most of the properties available at Texas Acres…

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Buying Land In East Texas Can Bring You Financial Benefits

A grassy field with trees in the background and a blue sky with bands of wispy white clouds.

In East Texas, you can find great land for sale at affordable prices. If you’re considering buying land in Texas, you may be wondering what your financial benefits may be. We’ll go over these possible benefits to your financial picture in today’s blog.  Land Is Typically A Long-Term Investment To achieve the best returns on…

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A Look At East Texas And The Land-buying Opportunities Here

Rural property in East Texas, with flowers in the foreground and trees in the background.

Why do so many people find it attractive to buy land for sale in East Texas? To properly address this question, we’ll first cover some of the best things about East Texas, and then we’ll go over land-buying opportunities.   What’s So Great About East Texas? This region offers a great deal that’s attractive to those…

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Questions To Ask About Owner Financed Land

Green field with overhanging branches up close and a golden sunset in the distance.

East Texas offers beautiful land that you can call your own. Whether you want to buy a small area for yourself, or you want to invest in a significant stretch of land, you may want to bypass the bank. If this is the case, seller financing may be an option for you to explore. In…

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What To Grow On Your Land In East Texas In Winter

Multi-colored carrots that can be grown on East Texas land.

In a previous blog, we wrote about five great crops you can grow on your rural property here in East Texas. We covered herbs, melons, leafy greens, root crops, and exotic produce, including Purple Viking potatoes and Jade Pagoda cabbage.  In another previously written blog about achieving your dream of running a small farm on…

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What You Need To Know When Buying Land In 2020

Beautifully written sign signaling the start of the New Year, surrounded by pine boughs.

The year is just about over, and 2020 is nearly here! First of all, we want to wish you and yours a peaceful, beautiful holiday season and a very happy new year.  In today’s blog, we share some insights about buying land in 2020. Here’s what you need to know.    What To Know About Buying…

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Reasons To Be Thankful This Year In East Texas

Young girl smelling yellow flowers in an East Texas field.

As we approach another Thanksgiving, it’s a good time to stop and think about what we’re thankful for, especially those of us who call East Texas home.   Many Reasons To Be Grateful Regardless of what may be happening around the world, or even the hurdles we face in our own lives, we truly do have…

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Great Ways To Relax With Your Rural Property

Gardener holding a bunch of radishes grown on rural property.

If you’re considering buying or have recently purchased rural property here in East Texas, congratulations! Land is a great investment, one that’s tangible and that carries far less risk than many other investment types. What’s more, land is something you can use to your advantage whenever you need to get away from it all and…

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