If You Want To Develop Your Rural Property

Beautiful rural properties are available in East Texas. You may decide to purchase rural land for sale and leave it in its natural state. But what if you want to develop on your rural property? Read on for some important considerations. 

You Must Consider Zoning And Restrictions

Most of the properties available at Texas Acres are restricted from commercial use. Also, much of the rural acreage in Texas does not fall within zoning regulations. However, if you think that you might want to develop on your rural property at some point in the future, first find out if this is even possible. Check with the planning and zoning department of the city or county where the land is located to see which laws and regulations apply. Planning and zoning specialists can let you know whether or not you can build on your undeveloped land, along with what you can build, and what permits need to be filed first. Be sure to review any applicable restrictions on the property, as well.

What About Utilities?

  • If you are allowed to develop on your property, among the first things you’ll need to plan for are utilities. Will you be able to bring electricity in? Are you allowed to use propane tanks on your rural property? Where will you get water from? Will you be allowed to add a septic tank to your property to handle sewage, and what permits are required? For answers to these important questions, contact all the appropriate local utility providers and county authorities and ask plenty of questions. Be prepared to call as many times as needed to have all of your questions addressed properly.

A family in a golden field.

Developing Responsibly

  • Before you decide to develop on your newly purchased (or about to be bought) rural property, think things through carefully. Where on your land do you want to develop? What do you want to build? Try to choose an open expanse where your impact will be minimal. Remember that it takes years and years for a tree to grow to maturity. Before you begin to clear your land, see if you can come up with different plans that don’t involve the removal of trees and shrubs you may want for shade, beauty, or other reasons. Always develop responsibly!

Additional Considerations 

  • Do you have enough money and resources to develop on your rural land? Do you have the inclination to spend the time and funds required to develop? What do you hope to gain from development? These are a few other considerations to ponder before you proceed.

Take A Look At Rural Property Listings

Texas Acres lists beautiful rural properties for sale in East Texas. Visit our properties page to see what we offer, then contact us to learn more about owning rural land for sale in Texas!