Why Owner Financed Land Is the Way to Go

America has its roots in land ownership, with many of our predecessors making huge sacrifices in order to be able to call land their own. The human desire to have a piece of earth that no one else can claim remains strong to this day, and at Texas Acres, we make it possible for people to own land without having to jump through as many hurdles. We have land available all over the state, and when you work with us, we can help you find the perfect piece for your dreams. If you aren’t sure that Texas Acres is your premier choice, read on to discover the advantages we offer over traditional land purchasing.

You Should Choose Texas Acres

There’s no doubt: buying land is a major purchase, much like investing in a home. It may be the biggest purchase you ever make. It will likely be the smartest purchase, too, because land is an investment that can give you incredible returns consistently. You have several ways to go about it, but our owner financing offers the most advantages.

Bank Financing vs. Our Owner Financing

The Bank Financing Disadvantage

When people want to buy land, it’s normal for them to go to the bank and ask for a loan. The hope is that their credit score, current debt, and borrowing history will be good enough for the bank to approve their loan. However, most people don’t realize that land loans are riskier than home loans. This makes the terms steeper and more harsh, including smaller loan offers, larger down payment requirements, and increased chances your application will be denied completely.

Our Owner Financing Advantage

There’s no need to wrestle with the issues above when owner financing is an option. Though it is rather rare to find, it eliminates the bank from the picture and puts the transaction between the landowner and the buyer. Now, a majority of land sellers will want their entire asking price up front, but Texas Acres is different in that we provide financing, meaning you don’t have to come up with the entire amount at once. You can also pay off your note with no penalty, which means you can switch to conventional financing if you ever want another financing option. Here are some of the ways that owner financing can open doors for you:

  • Your payments go directly to the seller
  • It’s likely you can have a lower credit score and still purchase
  • You don’t have to pay lending and processing fees and deal with a bank trying to get its cut
  • You have the chance to agree on sustainable, favorable loan terms with the seller
  • You avoid the hassle of financial institutions completely

As you can see, investing in owner financed land with Texas Acres means you not only gain flexibility by working directly with the seller, you also get to avoid the inconvenience and sometimes unrealistic standards of the banks. At the end of the day, life is too short to sit on your dreams and wait. We can help you move forward!

When you contact Texas Acres, we will take the time to understand your situation, budget, and vision in order to match you with rural property perfect for your needs. Start a conversation today!