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Why Rural Property in East Texas Beats Other Locations

By Mark Mullin / April 15, 2018

People from all over the country (and abroad) are looking to buy rural property, and with the scarcity of vacant land in some regions, many people aren’t too particular about where they find their land. However, before you come to the conclusion that “any piece of property, anywhere,” is good enough for you, check out…

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Top 4 Uses of Your Rural Property

By Mark Mullin / February 15, 2018

In our last blog post, we talked about defining your needs and wants in a property so that you can end up with a piece of land that truly fits your needs. Different people have different needs, depending on the use they want to make of the property, and the reasons you want to buy…

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Owning Rural Property: What’s the Draw?

By Mark Mullin / December 15, 2017

Owning rural property in Texas is what we specialize in helping people to do here at Texas Acres, but it’s a completely different thing than owning a piece of land in the suburbs or an urban area. There, you’re typically looking for a great balance between the price of land and the nearby amenities, such…

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Several Things You’ll Finally Be Able to Do When You Own Rural Property

By Mark Mullin / November 15, 2017

If you have been dreaming of owning rural property in Texas, we don’t blame you. Having a piece of land in the country to call your own is one of life’s loveliest luxuries. Whether you’re trying to move out of the city or you just want to have a rural getaway, buying rural land is…

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