Fascinating Facts About East Texas!

Are you familiar with what East Texas has to offer? While it’s not as populous as the central region of our state, it offers its own distinct culture, unique ecological features, and beautiful land for sale.

East Texas borders three states and the Gulf of Mexico. Some of the communities you’ll find here include Crockett, Athens, and Jasper.

Here Are Some Things You May Not Know About East Texas

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Much of East Texas Encompasses The Piney Woods Region

  • What, exactly, defines this ecoregion that spans across East Texas, northern Louisiana, and Southern Arkansas? Many who call this area home know it’s a hidden gem resplendent with natural beauty. Here you’ll find coniferous forests with many different species of pine trees. In addition, a number of hardwoods grow well in this region, including oak, hickory, and red maple. Many flowering trees are found in the area as well, including magnolias and wisterias.

Rain Keeps Everything Green And Beautiful

  • The region is known for experiencing moderate rainfall, which keeps everything green year-round and makes it a great place to grow both flowers and vegetable gardens. Some parts here are wetter than others, making it an intriguing region ecologically where forests and wetlands exist, in some places side by side. A great deal of wildlife calls East Texas home, including white-tailed deer, gray foxes, cottontail rabbits, and northern mockingbirds.

The Piney Woods of East Texas Are Home To Four National Forests

  • These national forests, which include Sam Houston National Forest and Angelina National Forest, stretch across 12 counties. In addition, the region contains 12 state parks and a state forest, which are great for camping and picnicking.

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The Region Is Sparsely Populated

  • The largest county in East Texas is Jefferson County, which has a population of about 250,000. Compare this to the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area in North Texas, which has a population of over 7 million, and we think you’ll understand why many individuals choose to purchase land in this natural, spacious part of the state. East Texans definitely have room to breathe!

It’s Part Of The Deep South

  • Culturally, much of East Texas is the westernmost extension of the Deep South. The Texas Country Music Hall Of Fame is located in East Texas in Carthage, a city with a modest population of just under seven thousand people.

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